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Steps to Selling Property

Steps to Selling Your Property

1. Initial Consultation: The auction process begins when Tumbleweed Auction is contacted by a potential seller. We will then contact the interested party and ask a few questions about the property being considered for auction. These questions will help our staff understand the situation and assist based on a seller’s needs.   We will then explain the auction method, terms, commissions, and current market conditions for your property. Once terms have been established, a service agreement is drawn and our marketing, organizational, and logistical expertise is set in motion.

2. Pre-Auction: Hundreds of hours of work can go into an auction before “SOLD” is heard on auction day.   Advertising, sorting, setting up, photographing and cataloging are all done to insure a successful auction.  We also start communicating with our large network of buyers.  By not only relying on traditional marketing methods, our database of proven buyers lets us contact them directly!  We know the buyers! 

3. Auction Day: Insuring the comfort of our bidders on auction day is a must.   Refreshments, restroom facilities, quick registration, and check out keep bidders comfortable and ready to bid.  A stress-free, fun event is the product of proper planning and attention to details.  This should be an exciting and worry free day for both buyer and seller.