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10 More Reasons to Attend

10 More Reasons Why You Should go to an Auction

  1. Auctions are a social event; while people attend to find great deals, man

       walk away making new friends.

  2. Auctions set the current, most up-to-date market value for items.

  3. You can find some really unique and interesting items at an auction.

  4. Auctions are a great environment to learn about or get started in collecting

       artwork or furniture.

  5. Auctions allow the opportunity to share or include some history or a story

       with an item that you purchase.

  6. Auctions are a great way to find out what is popular or trendy.

  7. Auctions are environmentally friendly and promote the process of being


  8. Auctions offer a chance to buy items that are only sold by the auction


  9. Auctions are an American tradition. 

10. You have an equal chance to bid on every item and buy at a fair price.