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Advantages of Buying at Auction

What is so special about auctions? And what's the advantage of buying at auction? Well, there are plenty of advantages.

Speed of the Process

There's no doubt that an Auction is the fastest sales process around. It's quick and efficient and that's what makes it attractive. We sell a multitude of items in a short time. 

You Set Your Own Price and Establish a Value.

You are in control at an Auction. You decide when to bid and how much to bid and how high or low you want to go.

Certainty of Knowing What You Are Getting.

Auctioneers deal with a wide range of merchandise. They are educated professionals who know value and price. Many have special certifications in personal property or estate appraisals. 

Opportunity for Good Value.

With the wide array of items up for bid, there's always an opportunity to get a good deal. Sometimes it's a matter of just wearing down those other bidders. 

Fun and Excitement.

There's no doubt that an auction is entertainment at its finest. Crowds of people competing for items, combined with a lively and rhythmic auction chant make for some great entertainment and fun. It's an event the whole family can enjoy. 

Honesty of the Transaction.

Auctions are very organized and the rules are straightforward.  As members of the National Auctioneers Association, we are bound by a code of ethics that protects consumers against unfair auction practices.

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